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 Why Nozha Information Technology?

Did you ask your self why you choose Nozha IT? 

Class view at Nozha IT

We at Nozha IT understand the need to employ and certify your IT professionals with the latest vendor technology that your company uses.

we also understand the necessity of certifying individuals to face this high tech world. Statistically IT Professionals earn the highest wages world wide and are highly demanded in the market. Nozha Information Technology is a state of the art technical education center operating with the combined resources of its two primary partners, Microsoft and Oracle.

Collectively our principals and employees have the skills the equipment and the experience in the IT training and consulting arenas. We operate under a business model primarily driven by consumer demand through the delivery of "official curriculum" training and target specific customized training. In addition, we employ only those trainers that possess extensive field experience and operate classrooms. 

Microsoft Certified Trainer

- Instructors: Our Instructors are Certified in Microsoft or Oracle Technology proven to give out quality training for the individual trainee. They were been carefully selected for their in-depth understanding of the technology, real world experience, and their ability to communicate.

Microsoft Official Curriculum

- Curriculum: As an Oracle and Microsoft certified educational training center, our curriculums consist of official training kit and materials help to create a relaxing learning environment.

Nozha IT Facilities in the market

- Certification: Upon completion of the required courses you will receive an achievement certification from Nozha IT.
- Classes: All of our 10+ classrooms are well equipped with the latest state of the art systems.
- Facilities: Nozha Information Technology has unique flexible payment methods; If the candidate is unable to pay during course, candidate can train with us and pay later once receiving his/her job (ex. Oracle NIT JOB Program). 

Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center

- Support: After training period and during implementing, trainees can communicate with their instructors anytime. Our instructors will be there to support your needs.

Nozha IT Customers

We provide real-world learning experience for our customers


 "Thank you for providing me with an easy an efficient way to get the information I need, at the price I am willing to pay, the way I want to pay it. I'll be back".

Thank you for the great service ... you are on my 'favorites list'

Nozha IT Clients
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