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» Too many systems, too many expenses and too many administrative headaches and not enough training.”

With the rapid increase of Information Technology, Companies’ IT demands has increased and its valuable information has become more and more vital to maintain and support. Finding experienced IT professionals to maintain companies’ information is becoming more and more difficult. System Administrators and IT professionals are constantly working with the latest trends in technology. Thus companies are in a constant need to learn and upgrade their IT professionals’ skills with the latest vendors technology to meet the rapid growth of their company.

Lunch Break Area at Nozha IT

Nozha IT offers a suite of educational services designed to advance the skills of your IT staff. This includes training, project management, training solutions development; skills gap analysis, post training mentoring, and support. Competitive organizations are led at all levels by professionals who know technology and can innovate, take initiative, and think strategically. NIT can help organizations find these technical leaders. Training and certifications is an objective way for businesses to identify individuals who have the technical abilities to help them compete in their industry and move forward with the most advanced technology.


» We at Nozha IT understand the need to employ and certify your IT professionals with the latest vendor technology that your company uses. We are a major business partner with Microsoft and are also one of the only few Oracle training centers in Egypt, which makes us the first to understand, and provide training and consultancy on the latest technologies. As a leading educational training provider we provide the best quality in educational IT training either at any of our convenient locations (Sinai , Cairo-Heliopolis, Cairo- Roxy) or at the customer site.

We also offer courses for clients from abroad in our 5 star resort in south Sinai, we offer full packages including training and accommodation, so you can enjoy the sun and the beach and make your holiday more useful by getting the training you need delivered by our certified instructors and our well equipped labs.

All of our 10+ classrooms are well equipped with the latest state of the art systems. With one system for each delegate and our other accommodating facilities we create an environment well inductive for learning. The key measure of return on your investment of time and money is the effectiveness of our training. In a world ruled by technology the most effective investment in your organization is in the individuals and not the equipment. Our approach is designed to ensure that we always offer the most effective value for training, consultancy, and professional support to all our clients all over the area.


» The Nozha IT staff including Egyptians and foreigners has been carefully selected for their in-depth understanding of the technology, real world experience, and their ability to communicate. The standard set to become a part of Nozha IT has ensured that the company continues to take on new staff members who will add a dimension to the company. With the best staff in the market, Nozha IT continues to move forward.

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