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Nozha IT graduation ceremony at Microsoft Egypt

Nozha IT was proud to celebrate on the 20th of September 2001, the graduation NSGP Program with its new, bright, young, and talented Microsoft IT Professionals. 
The Celebration will be held at Microsoft Egypt Head Quarter. 
(Address: 2 Abdul Kader Hamza street - Garden City - Cairo Center - Egypt)

The following slides shows NSGP in a wide range of Egyptian Newspapers:
Etisalat Al Youm

Date: 1.10.2001

Page: 9

» NSGP graduates the youngest IT Professional in Egypt! 

Date: 1.10.2001

Page: 9

» NSGP graduates receive the appreciation of Bill Gates. 

» NSGP is a corporation between Microsoft Egypt & Nozha Information Technology.

» Nozha IT and Microsoft target students ages 7 - 17 years old. 

» Prepare your child for the inevitable future for just 1800 Egyptian pounds.

Date: 1.10.2001

Page: 4

» NSGP graduates receive up to 80% discount on selected Microsoft Products.  

Al Alam Al Youm

Date: 19.9.2001

Page: 7

» NSGP Graduates satisfy market demands!

Date: 23.9.2001

Page: 7

» Nozha IT and Microsoft team up to educate the Egyptian youth.

Teen Stuff

November 2001

Pages: 58 - 59

» The first Graduation Party for Microsoft Certified Professionals.

» Microsoft & Nozha IT prepare a new IT Generation.

» Microsoft Egypt  General Manager Ali Faramawy respects the program and discusses its advantages for young trainees.

November 2001

Pages: 59

Ali Faramawy Microsoft GM:

» "Microsoft has 56 branches all over the world, and through these branches there are many centers."

» "The Idea of NSGP came through Nozha IT, which also has has Al Nozha Language Schools. they realized the students' potential in the field of computer science, especially Information Technology."


Date: 26.9.2001

Page: 41

» A new vision for Information Technology in Egypt.

Date: 28.9.2001

page: 22

» The first IT graduates in the Egyptian Market.

Al Gomhorya - Mahbobaty
Date: 25.10.2001

Page: 12

» Abdullah, NSGP graduate; Studied HTML and JavaScript in the preparatory school.

» In addition he recognized as an IT professional in the society.

Date: 27.9.2001

Page: 12

» "NSGP... is a program that deserves appreciation" says Microsoft Egypt GM, Ali Faramawy.


Date: 3.10.2001

Page: 2

» NSGP graduation ceremony IN THE SPOTLIGHT! 
Akher Saa
Date: 10.10.2001

Page: 64

» For the first time ever-in Egypt, young students achieve an IT Certification of the highest degree! This goes in parallel with Mrs. Susan Mubarak's goal for education. 


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